Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trace to its source: Do not forget the quality of the

Sometimes, several people in the discussion of a topic, because one of them suddenly remembered something else, or another one joined in, more and more intense discussions, we no less interest, but the content of the discussion farther and farther away from the subject to start later forget what topic to discuss. Such circumstances, we may have encountered. If it is small talk, they do no harm. If this is to solve the problem, it will waste time, do not achieve their goals.

Practical in our work, there are also such a phenomenon. For example, the software testing is to find defects, whether Review PRD / Spec, design test plan, or a test case design, Test automation, are all for that purpose. "Discovered defects" is software testing this, we are doing testing work of, you can not forget this fundamental. Sometimes, when we are doing test automation, prone to "forgetting" things. This happens, nothing more than the following reasons:

Beginning do not know the purpose of test automation, but for the automation of automation.

In the automation development process, gradually forget the original vision and goals, while the technology more and more worship, more and more deeply into the technical pursuit of the framework, the pursuit of the current popular technologies, etc., results, and not solve the problem. Or say that's a simple way to be able to solve problems, they spent several times the effort to achieve.

The pursuit of pure digital things, for example, has been looking at how many test cases have been automated, but what the test results are reliable guarantees, but do not know. Sometimes, that VP has risk, but not to solve, also lose their identity thing.

Therefore, when doing testing, always remind yourself the following:

Test is to find defects as early as possible, as much as possible the discovery of defects.

Technology to do things that do not worship, but to firmly grasp the target, be brief and effective, more effective, will not achieve much in the way you want to use.

In the course of the implementation of test automation, quality, or this, must not quality for automation. The basis of test automation or test cases, test tools, after all, tools, testing tools do not think 70% of the defects or the need for wisdom and reflection.

Policy: quality first, tools supplement; tool first, human progeny

The face of any one test task, the first order to how effective way to complete the test, which can use test tools that can automate the place, to automate as much as possible.

Implemented, were the deciding factor is always around the "quality" of the center, constantly thinking, constantly improving the test strategy and methods to continuously improve the test case coverage.

Another corroboration - Motorola story. Motorola's strategy, the most complete failure of the case is the so-called global Iridium program is that technology is far beyond the big market demand, can be interpreted as failure of super-technology strategy; now motorized mobile phone business with the other being a failure , is the technology away from the market needs, can be interpreted as abandoning technology strategy failed. Is a Chinese popular saying, "Success Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated," and this 2000 years ago during the famous battle between Chu and Han, can be used to explain the success or failure of today's cases around the world. Motorola's success is because of the times in technology to create a mobile phone is the era of human communication come from a limited wireless network era radical change in the way of human communication, and become the leader in the wireless market, has become an absolute leader . Unfortunately, too often successful always like to play "cast aside the bow once the birds are gone," the game, the market made up, they forget their most successful strategies and core strengths.

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