Monday, September 27, 2010

Mail to a BlackBerry version is still up? BlackBerry users Blessed!

The so-called Blackberry (Blackberry), RIM is launched by the Canadian e-mail system of a mobile terminal, combines the functions of mobile phones. Its use of a standard English QWERTY keyboard, looks like the surface of capsules of strawberry seeds, so the name "BlackBerry."

9.11 quickly swept Europe and the United States after the BlackBerry. While the BlackBerry's this trend also for China's mobile player s heart, but the BlackBerry has not been in China before the sale until early 2005, only part of the domestic mobile phone players begin bold "taste" blackberry "flavor."

Blackberry mobile phone products so much, rather more like a function call with Shangwutong or Pocket PC. New concept of a full keyboard, large screen, to get used to the traditional mobile phone users unique experience. Using the BlackBerry, users can easily manage schedules, tasks, business uses the phone to the limit. BlackBerry standby time is long, call quality, faster operating system, scalability features and more ... ... the many benefits that are mobile phone users really value.

In fact, BlackBerry mobile phone prices in the Chinese market is far lower than other brands, most models are only tens of dollars, and all high-end business phone BlackBerry impression different from the image. Soon, with the word of mouth, BlackBerry, with its unique shape, practical features, low price, quickly attracted a large number of players pursuing personal and stylish mobile phone, and more and more business users plan to buy BlackBerry instead of expensive smart phones. However, while many users in China has been playing on the BlackBerry, but can not use the real Push Mail has been the heart of China's BlackBerry users the pain.

Little Knowledge: BlackBerry profound meaning lies in the enormous power of the e-mail Push feature, which can be the first time as the message delivered as text messages on your phone, you do not need to worry about the mail is another day a new message.

Until the end of 2006, RIM and China Mobile to reach a cooperation agreement, the BlackBerry e-mail business before entering China. At that time I considered using Blackberry, but if not buy an expensive Blackberry mobile phone, simply can not do this business. And now China Mobile's BlackBerry service is only open to businesses, also called mail system must be Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange or GroupWise (Oh ~ this is too busy not meet the conditions of), then the flow of information each month monthly fee is 398 / 598RMB (really is the leader in monopoly industries) ... ...

Luckily, "Shang-mail," the emergence of domestic Push Mail service has brought a ray of hope. This guy not only supports almost all major mobile platforms (500 variety of mobile phones), e-mail systems, mobile networks (including future 3G), but also a free service (of course, GPRS traffic charges for the boss to move, but the monthly 5 yuan's package is enough). Thus no need to replace expensive BlackBerry, you can bind multiple email accounts, public network mail, business mail can be. By the way, still-mail is expected to become the first perfect support for BlackBerry's Push Mail software.

Click here to download the still-mail the local high-speed 4.1

Right here make a brief introduction: Post different from ordinary phone still comes with e-mail function, as long as you have new e-mail messages, it will first take the initiative to send messages to your cell phone, rather like a cell phone set E-mail, need to check themselves regularly, do not worry about missing the mail all the problems. (In fact, May has not yet leaked beta version of BlackBerry email, but it was officially a "need to continue to improve" time to recover the ground it took caught a BlackBerry user's appetite.)

Basically, I can think of some features of the Push Mail has a:

* Can choose to receive e-mail form (title / headline, text / title text with attachments)

* Supports all formats of the attachments (of course depends on your phone or not to support that format)

鈥?You can set the message reception time (so do not always let their friends in a working state)

Can be set to black / white list (no charge / charge only an email address of the message)

鈥?Support for contact and calendar sync ... ...

Registration form is also quite easy, yet Post Web site and mobile client can be registered. Smooth or seamless automatic upgrades. If you encounter any problems, call customer service calls can be answered.

The 4.0 version, I used nearly a week, found that not only the user interface more attractive, functional design of more humane, it has added three highlights: Mail Portal, PIM synchronization, RSS subscriptions.

Mail Portal: the e-mail gateway. Post's website will still provide the user mailbox door, use your mobile phone number registered login, you can collect all your online e-mail (the mailbox has been bound yet-mail account). To put it bluntly, yet postal mail Portal on the Internet is your outlook.

Synchronization: the personal information management synchronization. Mail can still manage contacts, calendar, tasks and other personal information, and supports two-way synchronization client and server, you can still view the Post's Web site PIM information, but also on the site import / export contact list.

Subscribe: Subscribe to the information management. I surely do not introduce everyone to understand it, currently support user-defined subscription email Post a monk recommend subscriptions, from your cell phone will be able to see the essence of the content of websites of interest.

Overall, 4.0 is still the original e-mail send and receive email based on some very useful added features are also forward-looking. Hope that the Post is still getting better, as tailored for the Chinese Push Mail.




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